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Video Based Learning

Video Based Learning

What is Video-Based Learning?

Video-Based Learning is a modern approach to E-Learning that uses video as the primary mode of instruction. In Video-Based Learning, bit-sized content is delivered to learners through videos that can be watched anytime and anywhere, making it a popular choice for workplace training.

Video-Based Learning can take many forms, including pre-recorded lectures, video tutorials, webinars, and interactive videos. It teaches a wide range of subjects, from Software Application training to Soft Skills like Communication and Leadership.

What are the benefits of using Video-Based Learning in workplace training initiatives?

Video-Based Learning
  1. Engaging and interactive: Videos are an engaging and interactive way to showcase real-life scenarios, interviews, animations, and other visual aids that help learners understand difficult concepts more easily.
  2. Flexible and accessible: Learners can access the training anytime, anywhere, and on any device, making it convenient and easy to fit into their busy schedules.
  3. Cost-effective: Video-Based Learning is a cost-effective solution for workplace training as it eliminates the need for expensive in-person training sessions, travel costs, and printed training materials.
  4. Increased retention: Video-Based Learning can help learners retain information better by using visual and auditory stimuli to engage multiple senses, improving knowledge retention.
  5. Standardized training: Videos can be used to deliver standardized training content to all employees, ensuring that the quality and quantity of training remain constant and precise.
  6. Easy to update: Videos can be easily updated with new information or policy changes, making it a dynamic and adaptable training solution.

How can Techsurge help you leverage Video-Based Learning for your training programs?

We help improve learner proficiency and address specific needs through Video-Based Learning, including process learning, new concepts, problem-solving, tips, and summaries. Our programs promote skill enhancement, critical thinking, and behavioural change.

We offer a complete spectrum of Video-Based Learning solutions, from formal training to just-in-time and social learning aids. Our videos support Virtual Instructor-Led training, including pre-, during, and post-workshop phases.

In addition to learning, we create engaging videos for key corporate initiatives such as Awareness, Change management, and Ongoing learner engagement.

What are the most common formats of Video-Based Learning in an E-Learning context for workplace training?

Our most common implementation formats of Video-Based E-Learning that can be implemented in workplace training are:

  1. Live-action videos: These videos feature actual people, situations, and events relevant to the workplace. They are effective in demonstrating real-life scenarios and providing practical training to employees.
  2. Animated videos: These are videos that use animations and graphics to deliver training content. They can teach complex concepts and procedures in an engaging and visually appealing way.
  3. Interactive videos: These are videos that allow the viewer to interact with the content. They can include quizzes, decision-making scenarios, and other interactive elements that engage the viewer and promote active learning.
  4. Screencasts: These are videos that capture the computer or mobile screen, along with audio. They are often used to provide software training and demonstrate how to use specific tools and applications.
  5. Virtual reality (VR) videos: These videos use the VR technology to simulate real-world scenarios and provide immersive training experiences. They can be used to train employees in high-risk or hazardous situations, such as emergency response or safety procedures.
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