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Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias

Unlock the power of diversity and inclusivity in the workplace by exploring the hidden forces of unconscious bias.


Techsurge’s unconscious bias training online program aims to provide individuals with the knowledge and tools to identify, address, and reduce unconscious bias in the workplace. The goal is to create a more equitable and inclusive work environment. Participants who engage in these unconscious bias course will gain insights into the distinct types of unconscious biases and how they can affect organisational culture, employee morale, and decision-making processes. The program focuses on providing unconscious bias training for employees through accessible online courses and specialised training programs.

  • Uncovering the hidden: Unconscious bias and its effects in the workplace
  • Beyond labels: Different LGBTQ preferences at work
  • The invisible influencers: The types of unconscious biases and their impact on decision-making
  • Breaking the mould: Steps to recognise and manage unconscious bias
  • Leading the way: The role of leadership in promoting a bias-free work environment
  • Invisible but impactful: Unconscious bias manifestations in the workplace
  • Win-win: The benefits of a workplace free of unconscious bias

The course aims to:

  • Explain the impact of unconscious bias on the workplace
  • Explore ways to promote a more inclusive and accepting work environment for LGBTQ individuals
  • Help learners understand how these biases can affect decision-making in the workplace
  • Provide best practices to reduce the impact of unconscious bias on decision-making and organisational culture
  • Make learners understand the role of leadership in promoting a bias-free work environment
  • Identify the consequences of unconscious bias for corporate culture and employee morale
  • Identify the positive impacts of a bias-free work environment on employee productivity and job satisfaction

  • Realistic situations make you understand how unconscious biases can manifest in the workplace
  • Real-life examples help learners to understand how it impacts their colleagues, teams, and organisations
  • Interactive knowledge checks throughout the course, allowing learners to test their understanding of the concepts
  • Game-based assessment that challenges you to apply the concepts learned
  • Feedback and support throughout their learning journey

Discover the unseen barriers that may be holding you back! Enrol in our e-learning course and learn how to create a more inclusive and diverse workplace today.

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