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Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

The Healthcare & Pharmaceutical industry is rapidly growing, with the domestic pharmaceutical market hitting US$ 42 billion in 2021, projected to reach US$ 65 billion by 2024, and aiming for US$ 120-130 billion by 2030.

In the evolving digital healthcare sector, there are eight distinct roles: information platforms, data collection technology, market intermediaries, remote healthcare services, augmented/virtual reality providers, blockchain-based health records, cloud service facilitators, and healthcare-specific data analysis.

Key challenges faced by the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry while implementing training initiatives

  1. Compliance training: The Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sector operates under rigorous regulations to safeguard patient well-being and maintain data privacy. Companies within this industry must meticulously follow stringent regulatory guidelines, which necessitates heightened awareness among employees. This awareness is particularly crucial whenever there are modifications to these regulations, ensuring ongoing compliance and upholding the industry's commitment to safety and privacy.
  2. Limited access to experts:Within the pharmaceutical industry, employees often require access to subject matter experts who can address inquiries and offer valuable guidance. This is particularly essential as healthcare professionals demand a profound understanding of scientific intricacies. Nevertheless, the restricted availability of experts can challenge effective learning processes.
  3. Constant evolution: Professionals in the pharmaceutical and medical fields are inundated with a deluge of information from diverse origins. This includes medical breakthroughs, novel pharmaceutical offerings, scientific publications, industry analyses, and regulatory protocols. Effectively managing this wealth of information can prove overwhelming. Additionally, the challenge of maintaining up-to-date training content that accurately represents the latest practices in the industry adds another layer of complexity.
  4. Time constraints: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare professionals frequently grapple with tight schedules, leaving minimal room for learning activities. Balancing patient care responsibilities alongside pursuing training opportunities can present a significant challenge.
  5. Security and Data Privacy: Healthcare training often involves personal patient data. Ensuring secure access and safeguarding sensitive information during training is paramount.
  6. Medical equipment and technology: Pharmaceutical and healthcare enterprises increasingly embrace innovative technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics. Nonetheless, certain employees might lack familiarity with these technologies, impeding their capacity to comprehend and utilize them effectively. Essential training on the appropriate utilization of medical equipment and technology remains necessary. However, ensuring that professionals attain proficiency in their application poses a notable challenge.

How does Techsurge help you to overcome the above challenges?

Our expertise empowers organizations to ensure workforce competence in using medical equipment and technology, prioritizing patient safety and compliance. Our e-learning programs cultivate a culture of ongoing learning, enabling professionals to excel in a dynamic industry. Explore our specialized training offerings in this field.

  1. Compliance training: We ensure that your employees are well-informed about industry regulations such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 13485 standard, Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) regulations, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA).
    We incorporate real-life scenarios, case studies, and examples to make the training more engaging and relatable. We utilize multimedia elements such as videos, animations, and interactive simulations to enhance understanding.
  2. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP): We develop engaging and interactive e-learning modules and videos that cover each GMP topic like maintaining quality standards during pharmaceutical manufacturing to ensure product safety and efficacy, Quality control testing, Cleanroom practices, Batch record keeping, Personnel hygiene, and training, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Raw material handling, and Contamination control. We incorporate assessments and quizzes to test learners' understanding of GMP concepts and provide immediate feedback after each assessment to reinforce learning.
  3. Health information management: Our e-learning modules and videos cover various aspects of health information and management, such as Electronic Health Records (EHR) implementation, Health Information Exchange (HIE), Master Patient Index (MPI) Management, and Document imaging and scanning. We create simulations replicating HIM tasks and scenarios where learners can practice coding, data entry, record management, and compliance within a controlled virtual environment.
  4. Healthcare and Safety: We create engaging and interactive content that covers essential healthcare and safety topics like Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), needlesticks, radiation, and sharps safety, Emergency response preparedness, Biohazard waste management, Surgical site infection prevention, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Safe handling of hazardous substances. Our software simulations provide your employees with simulations that provide a safe environment to practice critical healthcare and safety scenarios.
  5. Product and Sales Training: We develop interactive online courses tailored to the specific needs of the pharma and healthcare industries. These courses can cover Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools, Negotiation and closing skills, Product knowledge and medical science, Clinical evidence and data interpretation, Post-sales support, and Customer service. We also create video modules that feature real-world scenarios and role-playing exercises to demonstrate proper soft skills in different situations.
  6. Onboarding new employees: We provide your employees with different e-learning solutions that can effectively address onboarding requirements while providing a flexible and accessible training experience, including Ethics and professional conduct, Clinical procedures and equipment usage, Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems, Emergency codes and protocols, Infection control and hygiene protocols, Industry regulations and compliance using realistic simulations that mimic scenarios employees might encounter in their roles, videos featuring subject matter experts, showcasing procedures, demonstrations, and best practices. We also incorporate quizzes and assessments to reinforce learning and assess employees' understanding of the material.
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