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Employee Resilience

Employee Resilience

Are you seeking the tools to navigate through adversity, stay motivated, and thrive in the face of challenges? Discover the power of employee resilience and unlock your true potential in the workplace.


This course is designed to empower you in the workplace. Through this course, you'll uncover resilient individuals' mindsets and harness emotional intelligence's power to overcome stress and adversity. You'll learn how to cultivate a positive outlook, build effective coping mechanisms, and foster strong relationships that bolster your resilience in the professional realm. The course is your passport to overcoming challenges, adapting to change, and unleashing your true potential.

  • Employee resilience: Definition and importance in the workplace
  • Resilience Myths vs realities
  • The ABCD resilience model
  • Resilience and stress management: The connection
  • Inspiring stories
  • The next steps

The course aims to:

  • Define employee resilience and recognise its significance in the workplace.
  • Uncover the common myths about resilience and understand the realities of developing the skill.
  • Explore the ABCD Resilience Model and its application.
  • Discover the link between resilience and stress management.
  • Help you gain inspiration from real-life examples of resilient people and cultivate your own resilience.
  • Practice strategies to build strong resilience.

  • Engaging scenarios that simulate real workplace situations, allowing you to understand how to apply resilience and make decisions in a practical and immersive learning environment.
  • Inspiring case studies of resilient individuals who have faced and overcome career challenges.
  • Knowledge checks to help solidify your learning and provide opportunities for self-reflection.
  • A post-assessment to evaluate your progress and assess your comprehension of the course material through a comprehensive post-assessment.

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