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Transition to Managerial Role

Transition to Managerial Role

Congratulations on your promotion to a managerial role! As you embark on this exciting new career chapter, you must equip yourself with the right skills and knowledge to lead your team with confidence and efficiency. Our e-learning course on 'The New Manger's Playbook' is here to help you navigate this transition quickly and confidently.


This course will equip new managers with the fundamental skills and knowledge to transition successfully to their new roles. The course will help new managers navigate the challenges they may face in their new position. Through interactive and engaging examples, learners will learn about key topics such as effective communication, time management, delegation, performance management, and leadership development. By the end of the course, learners will gain the confidence and skills necessary to successfully lead their team and make a positive impact in their organisation.

  • Individual contributor vs manager: What's the difference?
  • Navigating common hurdles as a first-time manager
  • Essential skills for first-time managers: What do you need to succeed?
  • Building strong relationships: Strategies for self, peer and stakeholder engagement
  • From newbie to pro: Tips and tricks for the new role

The course aims to:

  • Explain the main differences between the roles of an individual contributor and managers within an organisation.
  • Find out the common challenges faced by first-time managers.
  • Help learners identify essential management skills.
  • Provide strategies for managing your workload, building strong peer relationships, and engaging with clients.
  • Provide tips and techniques for becoming successful first-time managers.

  • An engaging and relatable mascot will guide learners throughout the course, providing context, support, and tips for success as a new manager.
  • A fun and interactive pre-test will challenge learners to navigate a maze of common managerial challenges, assessing their readiness and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Real-life scenarios will challenge learners to apply their knowledge and skills to everyday managerial situations.
  • In between lessons, learners will receive tips and tricks from the mascot, providing bite-sized advice to reinforce learning and build confidence.
  • Interactive knowledge checks assess learners' understanding of key concepts, providing immediate feedback and opportunities for reinforcement.
  • A game-based post-assessment to challenge learners to apply their skills and knowledge in a fun and engaging way, reinforcing key concepts and building confidence as a new manager.

Join now and enrol in our comprehensive e-learning course to gain essential skills and knowledge to lead your team with confidence and efficiency. Take the first step towards becoming an effective manager and unlock your full potential today!

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