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Be a Good Listener

Be a Good Listener

Our good listening skills are constantly required of us in several contexts throughout the course of the day.


For instance, we listen when we use the phone, attend seminars and meetings, engage in debates, give and receive directions, and make decisions based on oral information. But, very few of us actively listen with effort. Effective listening benefits in better understanding of the messages we hear, the responses we give, and the people we interact with. Join us to improve your listening skills and become a master!

  • Importance of effective listening
  • Ineffective vs effective listening
  • Key elements of effective listening
  • The barriers to effective listening and strategies to overcome them in real-life situations
  • Six key principles for effective listening

The course aims to:

  • Make learners understand the importance of effective listening
  • Demonstrate the difference between ineffective and effective listening
  • Enable the learners to recognise the common barriers to effective listening
  • Empower the learners to apply the strategies to overcome the barriers to effective listening in various situations
  • Enable learners to decode and apply the six key principles for effective listening

  • A pretest that will allow you to assess your present listening skills.
  • Realistic workplace scenarios to help learners apply their knowledge of good listening skills practically
  • Interactive and scenario-based knowledge checks throughout the course to ensure learners understand the fundamental concepts of effective listening skills
  • A comprehensive post-assessment to evaluate learners' overall understanding of effective listening skills

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