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Meeting etiquette

Meeting etiquette

Embark on a journey to unravel the secrets of mastering meeting etiquette, empowering ourselves to become effective communicators and collaborators in every professional setting.


In this e-learning module, you will delve into the essential elements of meeting etiquette, exploring the dos and don'ts that contribute to meaningful and impactful discussions. From setting clear objectives and time management to active listening and constructive contributions, understanding and implementing these etiquettes will transform meetings into dynamic forums where ideas flourish, the consensus is reached, and progress is achieved.

  • Meeting manners: Introduction and overview
  • Polishing professional presence: Pre-meeting etiquette for success
  • Efficient meeting management: Effective meeting conduct
  • Professional politeness: Navigating post-meeting etiquette for success
  • Navigating hurdles: Unraveling the challenges encountered during meetings

The course aims to:

  • Emphasize the value of punctuality and time-consciousness in meetings
  • Explore the significance of setting a respectful and inclusive tone in meetings
  • Equip learners with conflict resolution techniques to handle disagreements constructively
  • Assist learners in navigating the unique challenges of virtual meetings with proper etiquette
  • Provide learners with the guidelines for follow-up and accountability

  • Pre-test to assess your prior knowledge
  • Engaging and interactive activities and games to keep you engaged and reinforce key concepts
  • Real-world scenarios to help learners apply concepts learned in practical situations
  • Continuous feedback on your progress and performance
  • Interesting knowledge checks throughout the course to help you reinforce your learning and stay engaged
  • Assessment to measure your progress and understanding of the material

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