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Change Management

Change Management

What does it truly mean to bring about change? How can I effectively persuade others to embrace change? And how do I overcome obstacles that hinder change? Join us today to find the answer to these questions and unleash your potential as a change catalyst.


This course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of change management and equip you with the knowledge, tools, and techniques necessary to manage change successfully. Our eLearning course is designed to enhance your organisation’s change management capabilities rapidly. Whether you require targeted assistance for specific roles or a comprehensive enhancement of your organisation’s readiness for change, our course provides the necessary support.

  • Change management: the concept and importance
  • Categories of organisational changes
  • Kurt Lewin’s model: The process of change management
  • Breaking the barriers of change management
  • Kotter’s eight-step methodology

The course aims to:

  • Make learners understand the importance of change management
  • Demonstrate the types of organisational changes
  • Enable learners to identify the challenges of implementing change in an organisation and strategies to overcome them.
  • Help learners recognise the stages of change management
  • Empower them to apply the best practices to implement the change in the organisation

  • Realistic workplace scenarios to help learners apply their knowledge of good listening skills practically
  • Inspiring examples from the real world who have implemented change successfully
  • Case study reflecting an organisation’s transformation journey of implementing change
  • Interactive and scenario-based knowledge checks throughout the course to ensure learners understand the fundamental concepts of effective listening skills
  • A post-assessment to evaluate your progress and assess the comprehension of the course material

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