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Extreme Ownership

Extreme Ownership

Empower your leadership journey with Extreme Ownership: Take command, achieve excellence, and lead fearlessly.


Extreme ownership is a leadership philosophy that emphasizes personal responsibility and ownership for success. In this course, you will gain valuable insights and practical strategies for becoming an effective leader and achieving success in both your personal and professional life. So, are you ready to take full responsibility for your actions and lead with accountability? If yes, this e-learning course on Extreme ownership is for you, where you'll discover how taking ownership and accountability can lead to greater success and personal fulfilment.
Enrol in the e-learning course on Extreme ownership today and take ownership of your leadership success.

  • The concept of extreme ownership and its importance
  • Principle of 'No bad teams, only bad leaders'
  • Principle of 'Control your ego'
  • Four laws for combat
  • Strategies to implement extreme ownership in a team

The course aims to:

  • Make learners understand the concept of extreme ownership and its importance.
  • Explain the principle of 'No bad teams, only bad leaders.'
  • Describe the principle of 'Control your ego.'
  • Make the learner understand the four laws for combat.
  • Make the learner discover and apply the strategies to build a culture of extreme ownership in a team.

  • Interactive learning path feature that helps learners stay motivated and engaged and monitor their progress.
  • Realistic scenarios that learners are likely to encounter in their work environment. These scenarios help learners apply their knowledge and skills to solve problems in a practical setting.
  • Decision-making activities that require learners to make choices based on the scenario presented. These activities help learners practice critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.
  • Feedback to learners on their progress and performance. Assessments such as quizzes and tests are used to evaluate learners' understanding of the material and reinforce their learning.

Join us to take ownership of your actions and decisions, leading with accountability and building effective teams.

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