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Why did they choose Techsurge?

The client's employees typically have a 10th-grade education level, which poses specific challenges in providing effective training and education. Techsurge has a proven track record and expertise in e-learning development, making them suitable for creating tailored e-learning modules. Techsurge understood the need to develop easy-to-understand e-learning modules tailored to the knowledge level of 10th-grade students.   

The Challenge 

  • Conducting in-person training sessions incurred significant expenses, including trainer hiring, physical classroom arrangements, and logistical management.
  • The existing content was in PDF formats, which field agents had to go through but lacked interactivity, resulting in a passive learning encounter.
  • Another challenge was the diverse audience profile. Training needed to be conducted in English and Hindi, with a universal appeal that would bridge the barriers of diverse backgrounds and spread-out geographies.

The Techsurge team recognised the client's need to transition their content into a computer-based or mobile-based eLearning approach that is easily accessible.

Business Requirements

  • To transform existing content into interactive eLearning modules easily accessible to diverse audiences.
  • To develop the training module in English and Hindi, keeping in mind that the learners were 10th-pass students.
  • Since the learners were field agents constantly active during work hours and frequently on the move, the e-courses had to be accessible through multiple devices.

The Solution – Learning by Doing 

  • Created level 2 eLearning modules tailored to the learner's knowledge level.
  • Utilised mascots to enhance engagement and replicate the feeling of being trained by professional physical trainers.
  • Designed eLearning modules in both English and Hindi with voiceovers to cater to various learners.
  • Simplified and explained lengthy evaluation procedures and mathematical calculations step by step.
  • Ensured SCORM 1.2 compliance, providing user data regardless of the user's device choice.
  • Used animations to enhance data analysis processes and included interactive graphics to improve understanding of survey processes.

This comprehensive strategy guaranteed the training was informative, captivating, and readily available to a wide-ranging workforce.

Key Features 

  • Bilingual Capabilities
  • Accessibility Across Devices
  • Interactive and Engaging


  • 3D graphics improved learners' understanding of evaluation processes, enhancing practical knowledge.
  • Familiar videos and animations reduced the unfamiliarity of the medium, with simple navigation and controls increasing learning uptake.
  • Learners could retake courses as often as needed, fostering a competitive spirit.
  • Instant feedback mechanisms improved knowledge levels and provided a detailed understanding of concepts.
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