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Why did they choose Techsurge?

The client partnered with Techsurge for a holistic eLearning development experience, from the inception of Table of Contents (TOCs) to the delivery of polished animated videos. With a deliberate focus on avoiding the intricacies of the development process, the client entrusted Techsurge with the end-to-end creation of eLearning materials, effectively relinquishing the entire course's construction and delivery into Techsurge's capable hands.

The Challenge 

The foremost challenge faced by the client revolved around their requirement for a multitude of eLearnings across a wide spectrum of subjects. The task of sourcing and engaging subject matter experts for each technology or course posed a substantial and costly burden. This challenge threatened the efficient training of their target audience.

Business Requirements

  • To equip learners with eLearning content covering a range of emerging technologies, including Machine Learning,Data Science,Business Analytics, Metaverse, Drones, Electric Vehicles, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, 5G, Robotics, Python, Data Science, SaaS, and more. This strategic move aimed to empower individuals to shape their future in these technologies as they saw fit.
  • In parallel, the client also desired eLearning materials for university-level courses spanning disciplines such as BBA, MBA, MCom, BCom, etc. These courses were to integrate technical facets like cloud computing and digital literacy, enriching the academic experience for students.
  • To develop a flexible learning approach, allowing learners to access the content from anywhere, at any time, fostering convenience and adaptability.
  • To develop eLearning in a user-friendly and easily digestible manner, ensuring that complex subjects were presented in an understandable format.

The Solution – Learning by Doing 

Techsurge devised a multifaceted solution to meet the client's needs:

  • We crafted diverse learning materials, including explainers, talking head videos, SCORM packages, assessments, case studies, assignments, and projects. The choice of components depended on the specific requirements of each client project.
  • We engaged Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to construct a comprehensive Table of Contents (TOCs) for each topic, adhering to estimated durations outlined by the client. These TOCs underwent client approval to ensure alignment with their educational objectives.
  • Following TOC approval, our hired SMEs diligently generated raw content, which was subject to finalisation after the client's review. This meticulous process ensured the content met the client's expectations and educational standards.
  • Upon securing the client's green light, our SMEs transitioned into action, conducting either impromptu or scripted video shoots. These video shoots served as the raw material from which we meticulously crafted self-paced eLearning videos.
  • The resulting eLearning videos were strategically designed to be concise, with durations ranging from 5 to 15 minutes. This approach ensured that learners could easily engage with the content, grasping complex concepts.
  • To further aid comprehension, we also developed demo videos. These served as valuable tools for simplifying and clarifying intricate concepts, making learning more accessible and user-friendly.

Key Features 

  • Bite-Sized Learning
  • Strategic SME Involvement
  • Content Refinement
  • Talking Heads
  • Impressive Graphics
  • End to End development
  • Self-paced learning


  • By entrusting the entire process to the Techsurge team, the client saved on the expense of hiring multiple SMEs and experts.
  • Techsurge's comprehensive approach eliminated the need for the client to manage various aspects of eLearning development.
  • Smaller, digestible modules improve information retention as learners can focus on specific concepts.
  • SMEs bring in-depth knowledge and industry expertise, ensuring that course content is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Rigorous content review and refinement processes produce high-quality materials that meet educational standards.
  • Presenters' faces and voices create a personal connection with learners, making the course more relatable.
  • High-quality graphics make the course visually appealing, keeping learners motivated and interested.
  • End-to-end development ensures a cohesive and consistent learning experience for all learners.
  • Self-paced learning allows learners to progress at their own speed, accommodating various learning styles and preferences.
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