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Why did they choose Techsurge?

The client's objective is to create a digital literacy eLearning program aimed at enhancing the knowledge of their learners. To achieve this, they decided to partner with the Techsurge team with the goal of transforming their existing content into a digital format, ensuring its accessibility on a wide range of computing devices.

The Challenge 

  • The learners' limited digital proficiency, necessitating the creation of user-friendly content.
  • Most learners have completed only their 12th grade education, there is a pressing need to elevate their skills.
  • The existing content was in PDF format, which posed a hurdle to effective digital learning.

By selecting Techsurge, the client was confident that they would receive comprehensive support in addressing these challenges and uplifting their learners.

Business Requirements

  • To develop a robust eLearning solution capable of imparting digital literacy training effectively. The solution needed to be comprehensive and impactful in enhancing learners' skills.
  • The content needed to be presented in a clear and accessible manner to facilitate effective learning.
  • To cover a range of vital topics, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Operating Systems, and Cloud Computing.
  • To prevent disinterest or boredom among learners, we were tasked with developing modules that would keep learners engaged and eager to learn. This approach aimed to maintain high levels of productivity among the learners.

The Solution – Learning by Doing 

Techsurge devised a creative and effective solution to meet these requirements:

  • Crafted modules in the form of short video nuggets that were easy for learners to grasp. This approach ensured that the training content was delivered in bite-sized, digestible portions.
  • Included explainer videos with on-screen subject matter experts to enhance the learning experience and provide expert guidance.
  • Modules also included demonstration and application videos, allowing learners to see practical examples of the concepts being taught.

Key Features 

  • Talking Heads
  • Video Nuggets
  • Multimedia


  • The inclusion of "Talking Heads" in the training materials likely involved subject matter experts or instructors delivering content in a personable and engaging manner, making the learning experience more relatable and enjoyable.
  • The use of video nuggets ensured that the training content was presented in a format that was not only easy to understand but also engaging, further enhancing the learning process.
  • The training program incorporated lively graphics in the company's distinctive colours to create an engaging and productive eLearning experience.
  • Delivering of short chunks of training content through personal mobile devices helped learners to conveniently learn whenever and wherever they needed, even while on the move.
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